Overview of Benefits

  • Access and Engage healthcare professionals working in HIV and related diseases both face-to-face and over a 10-month period.

  • Create Awareness and Understanding for your brand and organisation with an opportunity to showcase your latest product developments and updates in new technologies that differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Build and Improve Relationships with current and potential clients throughout the Conferences program and continue to build your reputation as a leader in the field.

  • Enhance Your Credibility and Corporate Social Responsibility and provide Ethical Support to the sector where it is required most through activities aligned with our philanthropic scholarship program.

  • Support and Contribute to the Medical Educational Opportunities for the sector.

To find out more about the excellent Sponsorship & Exhibition opportunities available at the conference, please contact:

Conference Secretariat: conference@ashm.org.au


HIV&AIDS 3 Only – $ 77,000

Sexual Health 3 Only – $ 66,000


HIV&AIDS 3 Only – $ 49,500

Sexual Health 3 Only – $ 49,500


HIV&AIDS 3 Only – $ 38,500

Sexual Health 3 Only – $ 38,500